Ways to Help

To report a dead or injured sea turtle or if you accidentally hook a sea turtle, immediately contact: FWC Wildlife Alert hotline: (888) 404-FWCC (3922) or Turtle Time, Inc.: (239) 481-5566

For lighting information or to report a violation, contact:

  • City of Bonita Springs:
    (239) 949-6262
  • Town of Fort Myers Beach:
    (239) 765-0202
  • Lee County Community Development:
    (239) 533-8585


Turtle Time, Inc. appreciates any support you may wish to give. More than anything, we ask you to respect the simple rules for turtle-friendly behavior on our beaches. To obtain further information, or to find out how you can contribute to the organization, please write us at the address below.

To make a donation please send a check payable to Turtle Time Inc. to the address below:

Turtle Time, Inc.
P.O. Box 2621
Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33932
or call us at (239) 481-5566

You can also support Turtle Time, Inc. when you shop on Amazon by using the link: smile.amazon.com/ch/65-0228858.

Turtle Time, Inc. believes it is possible for humans to share the beaches and oceans with sea turtles. Their fate depends on all of us. Residents and visitors alike must share the responsibility for making our beaches turtle friendly!

Here are some basic rules for turtle-friendly behavior:

Turn off or shield all lights that are visible from the beach

Where exterior lighting is necessary, use Amber or Red LED bulbs in appropriate fixtures that hide the bulb from the beach. Close drapes or blinds after dark. Avoid using cell phone, flashlights or fishing lanterns on the beach. Even light from cell phones can impact hatchlings. Fires and fireworks are not allowed. Rely on your night vision or moonlight when walking on the beach at night. Visit: myfwc.com/conservation/you-conserve/lighting/certified

Do not litter

Balloons, plastic bags, Styrofoam and other non-degradable pollutants cause the deaths of many sea turtles that mistake them for food. Dispose of fishing line in a proper container.

No flash photography

Quietly observe a nesting turtle from a distance. Do not shine lights on or around her or she may abandon her nest. Stay far behind the turtle so that she cannot see you.

Do not harass a turtle

Do not harass a turtle by touching or prodding her to move. Stay out of the way as she crawls back to the water.

Remove all beach furniture

Remove all beach furniture and equipment, boats, umbrellas, tents, toys, etc. from the beach at night.

Control your pets near turtles and nests

Keep pets on a leash, away from sea turtles and their nests.

Do not disturb

Do not disturb nest sites or nest identification markers.

Fill in large holes

Fill in large holes on the beach that can trap hatchlings

If you find a hatchling wandering in daylight, place it on moist sand in a dry container, shade it and call Turtle Time, Inc. immediately.