Nest Data by Area

Current Year Nest Data

The volunteers of Turtle Time, Inc. monitor the coastline from the northern tip of Fort Myers Beach to the Lee-Collier border of Bonita Beach, as well as Bunche Beach.  Below, the number of nests cataloged and marked for the 2024 season are listed by area.  Unusual locations for sea turtle activity are documented also.

*NNE stands for “Non Nesting Emergence” which means that the turtle crawled ashore, but did not nest
** Bonita Beach area stops at the Lee-Collier County line

Bunche Beach

Distance: 1 mile


NNE*: 1

Nests Hatched:

Fort Myers Beach

Distance: 7 miles

Nests: 100

NNE*: 224

Nests Hatched: 4

Big Hickory Island

Distance: 1 mile

Nests: 9

NNE*: 21

Nests Hatched:

Bonita Beach**

Distance: 2 miles

Nests: 128

NNE*: 200

Nests Hatched: 27

Unusual Sightings

Plover Island:
2 Nests ; 1 false crawl

Nest Data Archives by Year

Nesting data back through 1996 is archived here. Choose a year from the drop down menu and scroll to the year you wish to view.