Nest Data by Area

2022 Nest Data

*NNE stands for “Non Nesting Emergence” which means that the turtle crawled ashore, but did not nest
** Bonita Beach area stops at the Lee-Collier County line

Bunche Beach

Distance: 1 mile

Nests: 2

NNE*: 1

Nests Hatched: 02

Fort Myers Beach

Distance: 7 miles

Nests: 109

NNE*: 158

Nests Hatched: 104

Big Hickory Island

Distance: 1 mile

Nests: 17

NNE*: 28

Nests Hatched: 16

Bonita Beach**

Distance: 2 miles

Nests: 283

NNE*: 255

Nests Hatched: 280

Unusual Sightings

One loggerhead sea turtle nest was documented on the Sanibel Causeway.

Nest Data Archives by Year

Nesting data back through 1996 is archived here. Choose a year from the drop down menu and scroll to the year you wish to view.